What's New


You can create an invoice for each of your loads. Invoices can be printed out as a hard copy or emailed to your client in PDF format.

eTrux -invoice

Backup and Restore

eTrux can package all your data into a zip file that you can download. You can use this to keep backups of your data. (Always a good idea!) Or you can unzip the file and import the data into other programs (such as a spreadsheet).If you mess up your data you can restore it from a backup that you made previously.

eTrux -backup

eTrux - restore

Edit From Lists

Most fields can now be updated from the list screens. Click a field in the list, an edit box will show up. Type in new data for this field, then save. Note: Only valid data will be saved.

eTrux - edit list all equipment

eTrux - edit list edit customized field 2

Select List

In "Create" and "Edit" views, you may use the select list to fill in some fields (e.g: "Category" field in "Create Equipment" view, "Equipment" field in "Create Trip" view). Unlike a traditional select list, which shows all possible options, our select list will just show the matched selections based on your input. Then you can choose your entry by using the mouse or a combination of "Up", "Down" arrow keys and the "Enter" key.

eTrux - search select list 3 eTrux - search select list 4

Draggable List columns

For lists which have "Customize List" screen, you can easily adjust the order of the selected columns by dragging and dropping. To do this, just drag the column header and drop it to the new position.

eTrux - start dragging column

eTrux - middle dragging column

eTrux - end dragging column

Resizable List columns

To resize the width of a column in a result list, just drag any line separating two columns in the list header, then drop it in the new position. The new column widths will be saved for you

eTrux - start resize column

eTrux - middle resize column

eTrux - end resize column

Customizable Tooltips

When you move the mouse over certain fields, such as equipment, contact, and load, details about these fields will show up as tooltips. And you can further select which columns to show up in the "Customize Tooltips" screen

eTrux - show default tooltips

eTrux - customize tooltips

eTrux - show customized tooltips

Easy Navigator

Click on the links that appear when you move the mouse over certain fields to show details about equipment, contacts, and loads

eTrux - pupop record from list

eTrux - pupop record from show

Adjust Font Size

You can now change the font size for eTrux. This setting is saved per user.

eTrux - change font size

Number of Rows to Show on Lists

You can now adjust the number of rows to show per page on the list views. This setting is also saved per user.

eTrux - change number of rows

Map and Mileage

Trips now have a Map link that you can use to show the route using Google Maps and a Mileage link that you can use to calculate the mileage using PC*Miler

eTrux - trip record

eTrux - trip map

eTrux - trip mileage 1 eTrux - trip mileage 2


All the data screens now have a Search box. A normal search looks in all the fields.

eTrux - search all fields

You can also search in a specific field. For example, if you want to search for "car" in the Name field you would enter: "name:car"

eTrux - search one field

For fields containing numbers, you can also search for a range of values . For example, to search for a Price between 30000 and 40000 you would enter: "price:30000..40000"

eTrux - search range

You can also combine searches, for example "car price:30000..40000" or "price:30000..40000 odometer:0..100000"

To go back to viewing all the records, click on Complete List.